Are spinach babies damping off?


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Are spinach babies damping off?

Exactly two & half weeks ago started next horticulture with Indian Spinach- Palak(Spinacia Oleracea).
I opted for Furrowing then sowed around 12 seeds, 6 in series & parallel to each other. As per instruction on seed packet I kept soil moist & exactly in 4 days seeds germinated. All was going right till 1 & half week and then I found few seedlings fall over like its got tiny cut on middle part of stem & above part bend due to it. I gave support & made it erect by gathering soil together & even tying up carefully to toothpick but efforts went in vein & all died.

During these 1 & half week I opted for semi-shade sunlight against the seed packet instruction- "Expose to sunlight after one week". So I felt lack of sunlight may causing issue & kept it outdoor & put Mosquito nets to protect from birds & excessive sunlight.

But result was even worse & that now almost all seedling are falling over. A quick Google search caused fear in mind, Are my spinach seedling become victim of "Damping off" ??

If yes is there any way to save them? What must have gone wrong?? I opted for regular soil+compost mixture readily available in market.

I'm thinking of Few plans before sowing next time please advise & correct me-
1. Prepare soil by mixing with NPK Fertilizer.(spinach's Nitrogen requirement)
2. Add bio ingredients like neem cake & after market products to enrich soil ability to battle predators.
3. Wet seeds in humic acid & then sow or spray humic acid on soil before sowing to stimulate root growth.
4. Use Plant/seed starter solution as per instructions.
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Your spinach is doing fine. Let it grow. Don't be adding all that stuff to your growing medium. Spray them with water. Give them moderate light, but don't burn them.

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