Is your soil warm enough?


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Is your soil warm enough?

It can be HOT outside but get a soil or meat thermometer and plunge it into your soil about mid-day. Down about 6". Hopefully it will be over 70 degrees.

If not, some of your veggies will not be growing as anticipated. You need air spaces between your soil particles so warm air can penetrate. Not too late to dig your planting holes and mix perlite (not vermiculite or pumice) into the soil.

You might even make a mound 6" to a foot high of your newly amended soil to plant on. More warm air = better root growth.

We have a few LARGE black plastic pots with some toms, squash and cukes. They get WARM from the sun hitting the pots. We shade the pots from the hot afternoon sun. Soil gets 75 degrees and more.
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Any reason you're posting this at the end of June???
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I've been known to be A Day Late and a Dollar Short, if you think I was late with this good advice......but here in OR it has been 80 degrees for three weeks.

For bean and corn seeds...planting in a cold soil is not all that good. Warm soil = quicker and better sprouting.
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My garden is somewhat lacking in the soil dept although after 20+ yrs of plowing it's starting to resemble dirt I've always planted my seeds early to give my garden a better chance at producing. This yr I got a late start due to sickness but I've had a terrible time getting seeds to germinate. Most of the seeds leftover from last year grew but many of this years seeds failed to come up

I assume the culprit is bad seeds and not cold ground. The temps have been fairly close to normal but we have been a little shy on rainfall

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