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Intend to try to grown tomatoes this season using plastic buckets. Will use a combination of top soil and cow manure compost. Will feed with miracle grow every other week when plants begin to bloom. It is my understanding that holes must be drilled in the buckets to prevent the roots from rotting. Should these be drilled in the bottom or the sides or both? How many holes should be drilled in the buckets? Also, please give any advice to a true novice. Thanks.
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Drill the holes in the bottom, and drill a good number of them, with a large drill bit. If you don't, too much water will collect and the roots will suffocate and rot. You don't need any in the sides. If you're using 5 gallon paint type buckets, I'd drill about 15 or so.

BTW, if you like, peppers also grow very well this way. If you're in a cooler area, they may even grow better in the buckets because it lets them get a little warmer than in the ground (and peppers like it hot!).
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leu - Thanks so much for your advice. I am using the 5 gallon plastic buckets. May just have to take a whack at the peppers as well. I live in Florida so weather should not be a problem. Thanks again.
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5 gallon buckets for tomatoes

I grew tomatoes in 5 gallon buckets for 2 seasons in South Texas. I put several holes around the bottom edges of the buckets. They did quite nicely. My husband didn't care for the looks for all those buckets in the back yard so built me a couple of raised plots.

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