Helleri Holly transplanting question


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Helleri Holly transplanting question


I have 4 small Helleri Holly shrubs (approx 2ft in diameter) in front of my house. They have been in their current location for about 4 years. I need to move them to another location and was wondering what is the correct time of year to transplant them (I'm in New York). Plus, if anyone has any tips for me about transplanting, I'd love to hear them.

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Not a pro, but the article I saw says the new location should be similar in sun/shade. In early fall, root prune by digging around the bush, pushing the shovel to a depth of about 12". Next spring, dig out the root ball and transplant.
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Thanks for the reply, goldstar!
I just looked up some info on root pruning as per your suggestion and that looks like it's definitely the way to go.
Two of the shrubs will be going into an area that will get just as much sunlight as they do now. I had hoped to put the other two on the North side of my house and hadn't thought much about the difference in sunlight. I'm guessing I need to rethink that location?
Thanks again!

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