too many pears


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too many pears

I planted a pear tree several years ago. I don't know what kind it is, it was supposedly grafts from different kinds. ( they all look the same to me.) Over the years I learned how to properly prune it. I had a bumper crop last year. this year I have even more, to the point some branches are beginning to break under the weight. should I support the branches, or should I sacrifice some pears, for the benefit of the rest?
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Support the branches for this crop. When harvested and the time is right prune those branches that you fell will lighten the burden.
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Yes, they should/can be thinned.,d.aWw
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I agree with "sacrifice some pears". IMO, the risk of damaging the tree is of greater concern than 1/3 of that crop.

In addition, thinning the crop will shift those nutrients over to the other fruit. We do that all the time for tomatoes. The remaining pears will be better for the effort and less risk for the tree.

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You can both support the branches and cull the smaller pears.

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