4 inch maple stump removal


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4 inch maple stump removal

i let it grow too long but finally just chopped it down. it was growning against my retaining wall. not a good thing.

right now i left it 1 ft up from the ground becuase i didnt know if i should cut it all the way down to ground level or not. but regarding getting rid of it:

time doesnt matter

there's nothing else near it that i worry about killing

i'm lazy and dont want to dig nor pay anyone

but if i can do something like drill holes in the top and pour stuff in and it will take a year, thats fine by me.

how do you recommend i proceed? i want to make sure it never grows back nor continues growing and messing up my retaining wall foundation
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Easiest thing to do is cut it off as low as you reasonably can and let nature take its course. One step up would be drilling holes and adding an accelerator.
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A Maple may very well continue to grow. I cleared a lot that had previously (10 years prior) been cut over to remove all of the firewood. All maples and birches had regrown into clusters of trees. So, you may very well need something to kill the tree. What I don't know.

Once it is really dead they decompose over a few years, more than one for a maple. Last thing you would want is to pull it out and find some roots had made a home in your retaining wall.

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If / when it grows sprouts it can be killed with about a half cup or less of concentrate Glysophate mixed one and one half to 2 oz. / qt. of water and sponged on both sides of each leaf.
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It's too late now but in the future have some glyphosate syrup concentrate at hand when you cut a tree down. The minute it hits the ground paint the stump with the herbicide a couple times. This will kill the stump and prevent suckers.
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Copper sulfate will take a few years.

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