Help Damaged Branch on Magnolia Tree


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Help Damaged Branch on Magnolia Tree

We have a great Magnolia tree that experienced damage from the ice storms we had in the Northeast the past winter. It's a great shade tree and we spend hours outside underneath it, but with the lost branch we lost some of that shade. But good news it looks like the tree is starting to repair itself.

Is there anything I can do to help this tree and make it more symmetrical again? Notice the new limbs growing out of the damage.

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I would ask a certified, licensed arborist (or two) to look at your tree. Pretty sure they will do it at no charge. I can't tell too much from your photo....but if the cambium layer is damaged beyond repair, there could be trouble ahead.
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I am not an arborist and my southern magnolias are not as large as yours but I completely remove seriously damaged branches. It may leave a hole in the short term but it does not leave a damaged limb that could come down in the future, and the sooner the tree can get to growing new branches the sooner it will look good again.

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