Help with plants (pics included)


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Help with plants (pics included)

Hi all. So about 2 months ago I completely redid my the back of my house, attempting to make it more tropical. I live in the Miami, FL area so it wasnt too hard lol. Anyways I installed a sprinkler system along the way, took out all weed, leveled, etc. Then planted the plants and laid down mulch. A few of my plants are having issues.

Im wondering how I identify what the issue is. I would think the issues would tend to be too much/too little water, too much/too little sun, and fertilizer/soil related.

Anyways please offer your thoughts so I can try to save my babies. Thanks!

Birds Nest - Too much sun?
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Orange Bird of Paradise - Not sure
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Name:  Plant3.jpg
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White Bird of Paradise
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Philodendron Congo
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What chemicals are present in the mulch you are using?
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An old nurseryman told me synthetic fertilizers is what kept him in business.

His income wasn't from selling fertilizers but selling new replacement plants.
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I planted these guys about a month ago. It was just last weekend I put down the fertilizer. So these pictures were taken the day the fertilizer was put down. But the issues were present before laying it down.

As for the mulch, I would need to check but its the 'Premium' mulch from Lowes. Thanks guys!

For fertilizer, do you suggest just sticking with something like 'mushroom compost'?
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There's nothing inherently wrong with "synthetics". I'm sure that has been said by some since the first farmer switched from straight manure to something he bought at a store. Most are made from mined or other natural products and combined into one product. It's very easy to think more is better or get the application rate wrong though. Things like composted manure and regular compost have much lower levels of nutrients but are very slow release and rich in good bacteria and other micro-critters.

I don't see anything drastically wrong with your plants. Looks like some transplant shock and maybe some over watering to me. The dark mulch could be holding some heat in the ground, and depending on what your soil is like, you may not need as much water as some places. You can get a cheap moisture meter (normally used for houseplants) to check that.

The mulch looks like dyed shredded cypress or should say on the bag or you can tell by the smell. Cedar and cypress smell more earthy and, cedar and cypress. Pine has a much sharper tangy smell. IIRC mulch will normally raise the acidity as it decomposes, but that shouldn't be an issue yet.
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