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I live in New York, and I didn't have a chance to plant thetulip& iris bulbs I bought last fall. The weather got to cold to fast. I left them in my garage all winter & now they appear to be sprouting in the bag. I have about 8 bags and don't want to waste them. Should I plant them now, will they come up, or would I be wasting my time? They appear to be very healthy,will they live?
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There's no harm in trying to plant them. They'll probably come up as long as they have't grown too much. They may be a little unhappy about it, but will probably be fine. I wouldn't be suprised if they were a little cranky next spring, though, with some not blooming. But they should come back.

Alternatively, you can use them for forcing indoors. Just pot some up and put in a warm, sunny place.
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leu, thanks for the advice, I'll let you know how they make out.

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