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I am attempting to start pansys from seed. Actually started them about 3 weeks ago - still NOTHING! I have them in a starting flat using starting soil - on a heat mat and am bottom watering. Set them in front of a lighted east facing widow which I keep the window shade down in the morning sun for filtered light instead of direct. What am I doing wrong? Or do they just take a while?
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I've never tried pansies, but my impression is that they're really tricky to do at home. They may take quite a while. It used to be (before Home Depot and the like) that garden centers sold mostly annuals that were harder to start - they didn't sell cucumbers or lettuce, for example, except by seed. They did, however, sell pansies (as well as tomatoes, peppers, and others that you can do at home but many people don't have the right light etc. for them). I used to give the general guideline that if it was available as a plant, there was a reason (of course, that isn't true anymore).

We used to get johnnie jump-ups (a less showy pansy relative) coming up by self-seeding themselves in the Boston area. It may be that these, and pansies, do better with a cold period before sprouting.
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Thnaks Leu! I recently found out that pansys need dark to germinate - that may be the problem.(OOPS!!) I thought it would be fun to try and grow my own pansys (I also started sweet pea, sweet william, bachelors buttons, verbenum, purple coneflower, coreopsis, delphinium and sun flowers...all of which DID germinate and are progressing nicely so far. I tried cosmos too, but just two came up and I'm feverishly trying to save them. Starting seeds isn't as easy as one would think! I'll probably just swing by the local nursery (there is one on every corner here in NW Jersey) and pick up a few flats of pansys. Oh yeah - I planted crocus, hycinthia and tulips last fall and they are all rearing their little heads!! The crocus are about to bloom! Gardening is so rewarding at times - and frustrating at others. I'm a new commer (recently bought my first house)and am looking forward to much trial and error. Any advice you can give would help - that goes for anyone with any gardening experience! Thanks a lot!!! P.S. also staring a vegetable garden this spring - tomatos, winter and summer squash, carrots, cucumners, bush snap beans, peppers, watermelon and cantalope. Look for MANY questions to pop up on the forum!!! Thanks again!

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