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I am planting a garden in a new home this year and I have been told the squirrels will eat the tomatoes. I have noticed we have a ton of them at the new house and I am wondering how to keep them from eating our vegetables. Should we plant our hot peppers on the ouside of the garden and the tomatoes in the middle or what?
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I have a similar problem with squirrels eating our apples. They take just one bite and move on to the next apple. For years now they have eaten every last one before they’ve matured. Is there any defense? What works and what doesn’t?

Maybe people can give their opinions/experiances on the following methods;
1. pepper plants/ pepper spays
2. fox urine
3. electronic owls that sense movement which activates its sound/lights/etc.
4. ultrasonic pest chasers
5. putting squirrel feed out to keep them away from other areas
6. others?
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I've got plenty of squirrels, but never seen them eat a tomato. The deer like my tomatoes(and peaches), but they go for the green ones and leave the red ones for us. Rabbits at night will be your biggest problem, they'll eat every cabbbage, brocoli plant right down to the soil. I simply replant, and most of them make it. When you are ready to harvest, the raccoons will know what is ripe(corn). Squirrels will be the least of your gardening problems.

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