Leyland Cypress Shock


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Need a little help. First off, know that I know very little about trees or shrubs, but I'm trying to learn.

I planted some really healthy looking Leyland Cypress trees last weekend (about 2 feet tall) and about three days later I noticed that half of them are now drooping quite a bit. The temperature has been in the 40s and 50s since planting and the trees are in an open, full sun area. I had applied a root stimulator (Miracle Grow) in the proper concentration at the time I planted them and the soil is moist, but not overwatered. The trees are also nicely mulched, leaving some good breathing space in the middle around the trunk. The backfilled soil was lightly tamped. I did everything I'm supposed to do by the book, as far as I know, so are the trees just showing a little shock from the transplant? It's now been almost a week they've been in the ground and they are still drooping.


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Looks like I solved my own problem. As it turned out, there were some air pockets, and I guess the trees didn't like that too much. I filled in the pockets, and the trees seem to be perking up nicely.


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