How to pull forceinta (sp?)...


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I'm doing a job that requires me to pull out about 8 forcinta bushes... It looks like each is about 4or5 plants in one type thing... Can I just rip them out with a truck? Will I get enough root to re-plant them?

How would you do it?

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Pronounced Four-see-thia?
either way. If your pulling it outta the ground with a truck, I doubt replanting is a good option.
try digging either by hand or with a backhoe.
If it is indeed a Forsythia, than cuttings could be taken... it roots like mad.

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Yup... spreads like a weed! I yanked them all and moved them by the deck. This way I can do the job and not waste the plants. The stems actually have little nodules that can grow roots if by soil.

Thanks for the help.


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