Cats in my flowerbed


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I have just planted peoins and iris's and my cats think the area is a litter box.. what can I do to keep them out? I have tried pinecones, mothballs, amonia spray, sticks.. nothing seems to work! I don't want my hard work to die.
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ozwomen, I've been fighting this forever. Without getting into something that would be cruel you almost will not stop a cat from doing what it wants to. What I have found that works the best(though doesn't look real great) is to cover the ground in this area with a medium screen wire. They don't like this because they can't scratch around. If you can get a product called NO in your area you can spray sawdust with it and spread around and I assure they won't go near it. The problem with this is it is an onging battle to keep fresh NO sawdust spread around....Mike
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A couple of things that have worked pretty good for me are Cocoa Bean Hulls, which you can buy at a garden center, or a cheaper way citrus peels (orange/lemon), if you grind or finely chop & scatter these in your beds it should deter the cats. Unfortunately reapplication of the citrus is necessary every week or so.

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