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We have a 30 year old sandbox in the yard of our recently purchased home. The sandbox has many weeds growing in it and it appears that it has not been used for 5+ years. A friend told me to "till some soil and peat moss into it, and it will be a good garden". Is this true?? Thanks in advance for any reply. Andy Starsky
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Hello and Welcome Andy to the Do It Yourself Web Site.

You certainly can use the sand. If the sand volume isn't too deep in the box, do as your friend mentioned and plant in it. If the sand is of a large volume, there are other choices.

If there is a large volume of sand in the box, till it in, as your friend mentioned and plant vegetables that like loose soil. Carrots and potatoes are two that quickly come to mind but there are others.

You can also toss some of the excess sand around any flower gardens or flower beds to help loosen that soil. Sand also retains water in the soil. Sand is a plus if the soil is hard and or always too dry.

The sand box itself also makes an excellent barrier against weeds and nearby grass from growing into the box, once it's planted in...

Good Luck,
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