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I've decided to try Diatomaceous Earth for insect control, slugs/snails, earwigs, and ants mainly. Can anyone tell me what kind of success they may have had with it? Also, does the soil need to be moist prior to application, and should I reapply after watering/rain? Are there any precautions I should take with myself/vegetation? The package doesn't list much. Thanks
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Haven't actually tried DE for insect control myself, but I understand it works well to keep out slugs. It can be applied anytime except of course during high winds. My guess is it will still work after rains as long as it is still visible. You can wear gloves and sprinkle it where you like. The package probably says to avoid inhaling the dust. For those that don't know, diatomaceous earth is mined, and is the skeletal remains of one-celled diatom cells(animals). Also used for filtering aquarium water. Don't know if DE will work on ants, but they shouldn't be a problem with flowers or veggie gardens, they eat aphids.
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Tamrg, I use D/E to hold back slugs that feast on my hostas. The slugs can't stand the stuff. Don't think it would have much effect on ants or earwigs but is very tough on slugs and any soft bodied pests...Mike

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