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We have a new construction house and are installing driveway, sidewalks, patios, flower beds and a new lawn. Many of our downspouts run in the middle of these areas, and we are interested in burying them and running them away from there. We would like to do this ourselves, but have not been able to find any information on the best way to do this. Any ideas or information would be helpful. Thanks.
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Standard and best way is to get a bunch of 4" black plastic drainage pipe, dig down about a foot or more and run to wherever you want the water to end up. You can run separate
pipe for each or combine close to the house and run just one or two to wherever. There are numerous fittings to accomplish whatever you want. Just make sure the pipe is sloped slightly away from the house.
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Subsurface Drainage

We bought rolls of 4" corrugated plastic drain pipe from Home Depot and rented a trencher to cut a 6" wide trench for the pipe. We dug one of the trenched by hand but that was a backbreaking, weekend-ling job. HD also sells tees, elbows, and various fittings for use in connecting the downspouts to the drain line. You can cut the stuff with a utility knife and it just snaps together. Make sure you maintain a slope of the system toward the street or wherever you plan to discharge the water. We also added drains at a couple of low points in the yard where water collected. We used this system for several years (until we moved) and it worked great. I'm sure Lowe's and other home centers have similar materials. Good luck.

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