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We just bought a home on a river and there are a lot of insects, what would be the best and most natural insect repellent plants. Any other suggestions.
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It depends on the kind of insect you are trying to repel. Do you want to repel mosquitos? Or are you worried about the kind of insects that munch on your vegetables?

If you're worried about the mosquitos, you can forget about the supposedly mosquito repelling plant that is usually sold. It's a variety of geranium that smells somewhat like citronella, but won't do anything at all. Your best bet here is to put up bat houses, insect-eating bird houses, and make sure you have no standing water in your yard (old buckets/tires/etc. Bug zappers will NOT kill mosquitos, they only kill the bugs that the light attracts, like moths. I've seen some new stuff advertized on the internet; I have absolutely no idea how well it works, most are quite expensive - search the internet using the keywords "mosquito trap".

As far as other repellent plants go for the garden pests, I think marigolds are one, there are lots of others, perhaps someone else can help here (Ringworm, I bet you know some!)
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Hi Danpam,

The spray that I use most often and is effective on several insects is to add 1 Tablespoon of NON-bacterial soap to one gallon of water and put in a spray bottle.

A couple of others -

Insecticidal Soap

1 c. vegetable oil
2 tsp. Dawn, or something silimar

Add 2 tsp. to 1 cup of water and spray for aphids, white flies, red spider mites. (Or you can buy it at a nursery.)

Japanese Bettles

Rotted fruit
1 c. sugar
Dash of yeast
1/3 gallon water

Spread under roses and beetles will eat and die.

This site has some other suggestions -

Good luck. We live on a lake, so I know what you mean.



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