Low maintenance tree for front yard


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Low maintenance tree for front yard

Hi All,

I am looking for ideas on a low maintenance tree that I can plant in my front yard. I'm in central NJ - I think that is zone 6b. Soil is "clayish".
Looking for something will not create a mess on lawn below, looks nice and unique. Are there any flowering tress that flower all through out summer ?

Previously I had a pear tree that feel apart 3 times so I had it removed and stump grinded.

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something will not create a mess on lawn below
Every tree I've ever seen drops leaves or needles. Can you clarify your expectations around this point?
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Yeah, I don't think there is such an animal! I don't know of any all season flowering trees, but no matter how long it flowers, the petals and flowers themselves, will drop off eventually, making a mess. They also drop seeds. I have one. It makes a mess year round.
Fruit trees make an even bigger mess.
Maybe a dwarf Japanese Maple? They're pretty and they don't get big enough to make a huge mess.

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