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hello iut there!!! i just have a silly question to ask. i like to use the discarded water aruond my house such as the water from the air conditioner thats discarded in the condensation pail in my case to water my plants with and i was just wondering about the bath water and the soapy water from doing the dishes? will that hurt my plantdif i use this water to water them?
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Stephanie B,
Water from AC or dehumidifiers is fine to use, but I would avoid using the soapy variety.
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Stephanie B, The bath water should fine. Be careful with the dishwater because the soap is so much more concentrated. If it is no phosphate you could use it on some plants. I run my washing machine water out into the yard because rain is so scarce here and using no phosphate laundry detergent I have no problems...Mike
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thanks to all in web land!!!! stephanie b

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