Perennials for the shade


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I have gardens that are completely in the shade from gigantic pine trees. Can you please tell me what Perennials I can plant that will come up every year and thrive?? Please help!!
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Smile Plants in Shade

The answer partly depends on your planting zone. I am in Zone5 and am enjoying hostas for the second year in front of my pine trees. The day lilies are coming up for the second year, but I don't know yet how the blooming will be. Actually, I read your post because I had hoped to see a reply because I am wanting to plant some pink bleeding hearts in the same area and am not sure how they will do in that type of soil. If anyone who reads this knows, please let me know soon, as I am ready to plant!
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i have planted a single bleeding heart under a pine tree and it seems to be coming uo well in that acidic shade environment.
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Smile bleeding hearts

Thanks for the replies! So quickly, too! I am new to this gardening site, so was wondering how long it would take to get a response. Nice!
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You might enjoy
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Perennials in Shade

Thank you! It will be my next gardening stop.

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Hi All,

This is a good site to get ideas or order plants that will grow in shade -

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Thank You! and Transplanting Iris

Thank you, Thank you! It's great to not have to go through all those gardening books to get information, although they are okay, too. I just like to spend more time outside in the gardening than I do reading about gardening! Sweet woodruff is another great shade groundcover. Check it out in one of the internet plant encyclopdias. It has little white flowers in the spring. About iris... I know that fall is the best time to transplant, but does anyone know how they will do if I transplant right after flowering? I have moved them and trimmed them to make room for other things and to coordinate the colors better. (The purple iris were in my White Garden!) Can I expect blooms next year if they are transplanted now?

Gardening in Indiana @>}---}-----

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Hi Mlminin,

You're welcome! You should be OK transplanting them now. Give them a shot of bulb food and make sure you keep them watered.


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