North faceing privet hedge is leafless.


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My privet hedge runs East to West. It is 3 ft tall. The north facing side is bare and ugly due to lack of sunlight. The southern side is green and still growing. I just pruned the hedge in a pyramid shape to promote growth on the north side as recommended in gardening books. At this moment, the north side is bare and ugly and the south side is pretty and green.

After pruning the hedge, my neighbor said that if I would prune the existing green spring foliage off the southern side, it would stimulate green growth on the northern side. To do this, I would be removed 80 percent of all the green. It is still early in the growing season here in Missouri so I am willing to try this.

Is his point true? I have never heard or read of pruning back the sunny side to promote growth on the dark side.

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Hi Mark,

I've never heard of that either. You should never prune more than 1/3 of any shrub in one year.


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