What is wrong with my trees?


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What is wrong with my trees?

Just bought a house so not sure how old these trees are or what kind. I'm in Illinois. Tree in the front yard that looks fairly young has ugly gray trunk and it's losing leaves a lot this summer. There is a more mature tree in the back that is losing A LOT of leaves. They're turning brown and dead and then falling off at rapid pace. Having to rake twice a week to keep the lawn from being covered. Will try to figure out how to post pics of each.
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Welcome to the forums.

This should help.... http://www.doityourself.com/forum/el...-pictures.html
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These are the images of the leaves on the tree in the backyard.
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Here's the picture of the tree in the front.
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It looks like insects are eating the leaves. Take a close look at the under side of the leaves. There might be easily visible caterpillars or there could be really tiny dots (aphids).

I have several trees of different varieties that recently had the same/similar damage and this season it was aphids but last year it was tent caterpillars. I sprayed the underside of the leaves with permethrin and it worked quite well. I used Hi-Yield 38 but the active ingredient permethrin is also available in other brands.
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If you see anything take it to a local landscape yard, not Home Depot, they will be glad to identify and assist!
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Anyone have thoughts on the other tree? With the ugly gray trunk? Look like a health issue with that one?
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The other tree is a birch. It's actually white and black. I have a couple and I think they're really nice looking. What do you see that looks like a health issue?
It's supposed to have the black on it, if that's what you're talking about.
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Thanks. Is there anything that I can buy at a local lowes or home depot to spray rather than the hi-yield?
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I guess not if that's what it's supposed to look like. Thanks!
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Does anyone have an idea what it costs to hire a pro to come spray trees for insects?
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If the leaves on the birch are turning yellow and then dropping, it maybe a river birch. Seems these need treatment by professionals for a manganese deficiency. Also they need regular, heavy watering.
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Rose food/insecticide

Once I had insect infestation on a large maple tree. The local nursery suggested purchasing Rose food/fungicide/insecticide and applying it in a large ring around the tree (equal to the width of the branches). I raked it into the soil a bit and watered well. It took care of the problem.

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