Tree pushing against steel fence


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Tree pushing against steel fence

What should I do? Seems like they are pressuring the fence. Lol wood is stronger than steel.
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You'd be surprised how strong a tree is.... especially it's roots. I've seen the roots lift sidewalks up and destroy driveways.

You have two choices.... cut the trees or let them grow.
If the trees are damaging the fence..... then they must go.
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IMO you either need to remove the tree or the fence, given time the tree will destroy the fence.
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Problem is, who's side is the tree on? Assuming that the fence is the property line.
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If you opt for removing the tree have some herbicide concentrate on hand. Immediately, and I mean immediately, after the tree hits the ground paint the stump several times with glyphosate (Roundup, Honcho, Glyphos...) herbicide. That will kill the root system and prevent the tree from sending up suckers and trying to regrow.

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