Which is the best wedge shape?


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Which is the best wedge shape?

I'm in need of a new splitting wedge. With some variances they come in two shapes: the traditional triangle with a square head and the so-called diamond shape. Does either shape work any better than the other?
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The diamond shape is intended to be placed in the center of the log. I prefer the triangle one. Works for any diameter log.

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I also prefer traditional wedges. I have three old wedges (two 5-lb. tapered and a 5-lb. vee) handed down from my Dad and can split just about any size round with an 8-lb. sledge.

However, I also tried one of those diamond-shaped wedges (AKA "wood grenade") and it worked pretty well. As Wirepuller38 mentioned, you place it in the center of the log and start pounding. The pointy tip didn't require much force to start. Despite the premise, it doesn't quarter the wood, though. Most of the time, it just splits it in half.

Regardless, if I had to replace one of my wedges, I'd probably get an Estwing E-5 Sure Split. I know a few people using them and I hear good things.

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