bleeding tree


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bleeding tree

I have a white Mulberry tree its about 6 years old. About a week ago, today being 5-6-01, some kids pounded a hammer on the trunk and drove nails in it. It has been bleeding sap ever since. I put some tree heal on the wounds, after scraping and cleaning them, but there are tewo or three that are still bleeding. My question is what will prolonged bleeding do to it? should I be woried? Also at the same time that this is going on my brother in law is building a tree house in it. I do not want to lose this tree, sounds corny but I planted it from a seed that my son gave to me, and it was in honor of a friends life that past on. Any info any body can give me Im greatful of. UPDATE Tree was injured 4-30 todays date 5-11. Tree is still bleeding alot.

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I'm not a tree expert, but I'll try and console you. Mulberry trees are very hardy. I wouldn't think that the bleeding would hurt the tree, but only time will tell. My guess is that it will stop soon. If it doesn't, you might call a nursery and ask if there is anything else you can do. I used to have one and all the neighbor kids loved to climb in it.


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