Sick Japanese Maple


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At the end of last summer into fall my Japanese Maple's leaves began to curl up and turn brown. They didn't fall off. We tried a few minor adjustments and left it, hoping for the best in the spring. Sadly, about two-thirds of the tree appears dead, the other third has perfect leaves. What should we do? Can we save the part thatis still healthy? There appears to be light discolouration on the branches.
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Hi Grammy,

Gosh, I don't know, but wish you luck. It would be a shame to lose it. Until somebody comes along that can REALLY help, here's a site that lists some problems they have. At least it's a start. Have you checked with a nursery? Your County Agent?

I suggest doing something about it as soon as you can!

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Sick Japanese Maple

Thanks, Gami for the info. Now I know what may be wrong. It seems difficult to get actual solutions to gardening problems, doesn't it? I will contact the nursery where I purchased the tree - they didn't have any answers when the problem first showed up but maybe they have an idea as to how to save the rest of the tree, if it's even possible. Meanwhile, if anyone has had a similar experience or a solution, please let me know

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