Plant from Outerspace???


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Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone can help I.D. a strange looking (plant?) that has invaded my columbine bed. I've never seen anything like it. I found it while cutting off old dead frawns, and it is very invasive. It is vinelike, bright neon yellow-orange in color, and wraps itself tightly around the stems of the frawns. The vine itself is very small in diameter, about the width of a sewing needle. Where it touches the plant, it seems to adhere to it so you can't pull it off the plant. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? If you cut it, it comes back very quickly and can cover a plant in a week or two with these micro tendriles. Any ideas as to what this is, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your help!!!
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Lover's knot vine

My mom always called this lover's knot vine. It is indeed invasive and a pest.
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Hi Ladyhawke,

Try putting some Roundup or Finale on the vine. Be very careful you don't get it on your flowers. Put on rubber gloves, dip a sponge or small paint brush in the herbacide and carefully wipe the vine.

Don't let them flower and go to seed. You'll eventually get rid of it, but it's going to take patience and vigilence.

Good luck!


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Thanks Gami, that may be my next step. I've given both plants butch haircuts, and will keep an eye on them. Columbine can take alot of abuse and still come back. Hopefully by discarding the foliage this parasitic weed was attached to, I've gotten rid of it. I didn't see any flowers or seed heads, so I think I caught it before it had a chance to reproduce. I guess we'll know soon enough, as fast as it grows. Thanks again for everyone's help!! Ill keep you posted on how things go. Catcha later!

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