Why won't my raspberries grow?


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Hi. I am trying to grow some raspberries in a large terra cotta pot on my balcony- I live in So. Cal. with a sunny, southern exposure. I bought the raspberries as just canes with no foliage- from what I have read, I should only expect them to grow new canes this year, and no foliage/fruit until next year. But they've been planted for about 2 months, and they haven't done anything- no cane growth at all. Does this sound hopeless, or should I keep trying/hoping that they will start to grow? I'm close to giving up on them, but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, that would be great.

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I've never grown raspberries, but that doesn't sound right that you shouldn't expect leaves this year. I would think you should see some new growth in 2 mos--leaves and/or canes. Did you save your receipt??? Call wherever you bought it. I'm sure they'll offer you a replacement.

Is it in a big enough pot? Are you watering it enough???

This link doesn't deal with your problem, but it does have info on growing raspberries???



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You should have had foliage by now, but don't expect fruit this year. Fruit grows on last year's canes. They yield a small crop of fruit the second year after planting and a full crop the third season. Plantings are usually productive for 5-8 years.Air and soil drainage are important considerations in locating a raspberry planting. Soil drainage is important although they require a good moisture supply. Soils from sandy loams to loamy clays are satisfactory with both heavy clays and light sandy soils being undesirable. Heavy clay soils usually are poorly-drained, and sandy soils are usually droughty. A good supply of organic matter in the topsoil and a deep, well, drained subsoil are both highly desirable. I know you didn't ask for all the answers that I gave, but thought you (or someone else) might be interested. There is much more to learn about growing and caring for raspberries, but all in all, I have found them to be easy to grow. I am sure that there are gardening sites that go into more detail. I recieved some of my information from our local county extension office, which they are happy to supply for you. You said that you live in So.Ca. There is a place in the Oak Glenn area in San Bernardino Co. that grows U-Pick red raspberries. Since going there one time, I have been growing my own.
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Dig one of your canes up and see if you can detect any new growth just below the soil. Your cane's root system needs to develop enough to send up new canes adjacent to the old. If you find anything, simply replant it. If you don't find any new growth the root of the cane may have died. Then you need to try to get replacements. (You may be surprised at what you find just under the soil surface). Good luck.
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Great idea! Although, for So.CA and having had them for two months, I'd say that those canes are mighty slow growing! (If anyone else has any keyboard gardening symbols, especially flowers, please post them? Thanks! @>}---}----

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