Another Thuja Green Giant question


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Another Thuja Green Giant question

Hi All, As mentioned in a recent thread, we have planted 10 Tuja Green Giants for a future privacy wall. They are spaced at about 5-6 feet apart and so far they are doing well cept for maybe a couple of "Runt" type i'll call them due to the fact that while they look fairly good, they just don't seem to look quite as healthy as the rest....(drooping branches....etc.). Do to the situation we had to plant these two Thujas close to another kinda large tree (bout 30-4- feet tall). I know this will tree will eventually have to go, but we don't want to take it out until the Thujas seem to be very well established. Logic or common sense seems to want to tell me that the two Thujas next to this large tree will have to have an extra splash or two of water put on them weekly due to this large tree maybe sucking up some of the Thujas water supply. So does this make sense that bushes planted close to a large tree may need extra watering ?? Thanks in advance.
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Yes, they will need extra water. I often notice the grass around trees is much dryer often two times the tree's canopy size. You can trench between the old tree and your new ones to cut the old roots. It's not great for the old tree but it will stop those roots from taking the water from the new trees.

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