Flopville USA - Hysop and Rudbeckia


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Flopville USA - Hysop and Rudbeckia

See pics.

Simple explanation - my "Blue Fortune Hysup" and "Summer Blaze Rudbeckia" are majorly flopping. I'm really opposed to staking/cages/etc., as I fear that prevent natural long-term establishing and...don't look great.

These face S/SW against a fence wall. Other than flopping, they appear pretty healthy this year.

What can I do?!

Thanks in advance!
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I find plants often lay over like this when in need of water. In fact, there's a particular plant in my office which does this which we use as a sign we need to water that day.
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Thank you. That may be, but this is after a few weeks of very heavy rain - so I'm not sure it's a water issue. What might be other other causes/solutions?
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Maybe they are growing TOO WELL and are flopping over as they are top heavy. Maybe cut back by 2/3 or so.......might even get some more blooms.
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Potassium promotes strong stems. It is the third number in fertilizer nutrient content designations.

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