Growing Holy Basil


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Growing Holy Basil

I planted some seeds which took a very long time to germinate. They reached about one inch high, still looking strong and green and stopped there. I started another batch, shown here.

How do I care for these?

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You did not fill in your location profile. Where are you located? Where do you have the starts located in your home? What is the temperature inside your home? How much daylight are the starts receiving?

It looks like yours are stalling at the seedling to sprout transition. That's when the plant goes from living off the energy stored in the seed and transitions to getting it's nutrients from the soil. Because of this you can have an entire batch that germinates well but then they all just seem to stop.

Generally basils like warm temperatures and full sun. If you are anywhere but the deep south and have your pot on a window sill then cool temperatures could cause the stunted growth.

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