Questions on trimming evergreens


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Questions on trimming evergreens

Hi All,

We have 2 large rows of evergreens in our background, as shown in the photo. The branches are getting long enough to a point where the trees are overlapping, and it beginning to get difficult to mow the adjacent grass. Two questions:

1) Any issues with trimming the branches on the bottom half of the trees? Maybe a foot or so? I'm afraid to do something that may harm the trees. Not sure if there's an art form to this or not.

2) Are there any health concerns with the trees overlapping each other, or is this normal?

Thanks in advance.
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No issue trimming, no issue with them overlapping.

Appears that you are beyond minor trimming due to size, probably should just let them go and forget about mowing between!
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Good to hear! The mowing is actually a problem in front of the trees (there's just dirt and mulch in the middle). Some of the bottom branches are laying close to the ground. So I may just trim back a bit in the front. Thanks!
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I have a similar situation at my house. 15 years ago I mowed around and in between all the trees. Now I just mow a wavy line around the perimeter. Possibly not as neat looking but a whole lot easier.

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