Tree like weeds between fences


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Along the back of my yard is a chain link fence and approximately 6 to 8 inches from my fence is a neighbors stockade fence. In the 6 to 8 inches between the fences I have an area where there are "tree like" weeds. I have been able to eliminate the smaller weeds but I would like to know how I can eliminate the larger weeds. They almost seem to be like small trees, measuring anywhere from 1 to 2 inches in diamter at the "trunk." I have been cutting them down at the base of the trunks but want to get rid of these trunks for good because new shoots will only grow back, which of course they have been doing. Because of the location and inaccesability due to the fences I can't dig them out. I have thought of using a stump removal chemical but I don't want to compromise the soil in the area or wait a year to plant near the fence. I have a rose garden in the area and want to plant climbing roses along the chain link fence. All suggestions welcome. Thank you
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If they are truly trees (woody stem), you'll have to use brush killer. Apply to the open wound after cutting.

If they are herbaceous (soft-tissue stems), RoundUp will kill them.
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The main trunk is woody and the off shoot weeds from the trunk are soft tissue (green leafy stems about 1/2 in diameter) I have used a fence and sidewalk weed killer which just killed the smaller weeds. I will take your suggestion and use brush killer and see what happens. Thanks again
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Apply the brush killer with a paint brush directly on the open wound where you just cut the trunk.

It may take several apps over the next few years, certainly over the current growing season. Be persistent.

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