rhododendrums not holding flowers


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Have been in this house just two summers - (New Jersey) - and the rhododendrum bush seems to get flowers every spring - but loses them in about a week and they don't come back until next year. I see other peoples bushes that hold their flowers for quite a long time. What do I need to do to help mine along????
(love this site and all the good advice)
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Hi Bogey,

Hopefully, something in these sites will help you -

http://hgic.clemson.edu/factsheets/HGIC1059.htm (Azaleas)
http://hgic.clemson.edu/factsheets/HGIC1073.htm (Rhodos)

I have some good information on their soil conditions, but need to rewrite it and don't have time right now. Please check back Mon. or Tues. In the meantime, someone else may be able to help you.


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Hi Bogey,

Here's a link to a forum with a discussion on rhodos -


What I found earlier is said in a post by AP.


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