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Thanks for all the replys! I treated the plants/soil with a diluted liquid mixture that I got at a garden shop, it is a combination of iron and nitrogen and the label said it is for greening up plants and mentioned a condition of yellow plants. To do the 10-10-10- treatment I would need to remove all the sick plants I am trying to save-correct?
Before getting any of the information from all of you, I had feed with Miracle grow, and then a couple of weeks after that I spread some time released pellets. If it makes a difference I am located in Southeast Texas.
Thanks again!
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If you've used the miracle grow, you can skip the 10-10-10.
It's nearly the same, except the MG solution gets to the root system quicker. And, since you have applied the iron additive, that should have also helped. I'm a bit curious now; have you given the other area's 'surviving' plants identical care. I hope we don't have a case of over-kill.
With the iron/nitrogen, MG, and time release pellets, you may have damaged (burned) the root systems.
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The plants are still yellow this morning, but still standing. I will post a reply when I see a change of some sort. You may be right about overkill, however I'm to the point of trying anything before starting over.
Have a great day,

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