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Liquid feed for plants and flowers is generally quite costly so what I do is get some very well rotted cow manure, at least a year old, put it inside a nylon string bag, like those that you buy onions in etc, and then suspend it from a piece of strong wood or iron bar in a rain water tub ( rain water butt if you're in the UK ) and the manure slowly releases its goodness into the water and each time I water my plants they get a natural feed as well!

Cheers 808
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Hi 808,

Right on! That is called manure tea. You can also do the same thing with compost!

From what I understand, you can use fresh manure for manure tea, but to add it to your garden it should be composted for a year.

Happy gardening!


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Hi All,

It can't be stressed enough that manure, compost, alfalfa teas, and some others are excellent organic fertilizers for your gardens.

Alfalfa pellets are usually sold as rabbit food. Very cheap! You can dump a handful of that in the bottom of a planting hole.


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