tomatoes in Florida?


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we live in east central FL. The temps
go from 80-95F these days. Is it possible
to grow tomato plants that will produce fruit
with these temperatures?

We're also trying to grow cucumber, green summer
squash, peppers, strawberries and green beans.

What is the best vitamin to add to vegetable plant
to yield more fruit?

Currently, the plants are in containers inside
a screened porch and get about 3-4 hours of sunlight.
Is this sufficient to produce veggies? (in containers).

Is there a good fertilizer which can be used for
the veggies to produce? What about seaweed extract?
Does it work?

Let me know...

Thanks a bunch!

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Hi Corsica,

If they are in a screened in porch, they are getting filtered sun. Veggies really need full sun. Is there someplace you can move the pots?

Some info on growing veggies, ie., fertilizer requirements, etc. - (tomatoes)

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Gami is right, you need more sunlight for success.
As far as the temperature goes, those of us that live farther north, are just about forced to eat imported(FL)
tomatoes for most of the year. The tomato is a tropical plant and will thrive in your sun and heat, if the proper moisture is supplied. Miracle-Gro will work good for all the veggies you listed.
Good luck,

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