Sunflowers eaten!!!!!!!!


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Had planted some sunflower seeds and the stems aare about a foot tall - no flowers yet. I just went outside and saw that something had bitten off the tops of ALL of them!!!!!!!! I guess there is nothing I can do - I certainly don't want to go building fences. Is there any flowers that might deter varmints from doing this?
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Supposedly, marigolds are used to repel rabbits.
But I'm having similar problems with a much larger animal,
and, unfortunately it's not even close to being deer season yet. This year they have eaten beans, peas, pansies, delphiniums, sedum, cherries, and a number of other plants. Recently, I just spend more time early in the mornings and late evenings walking the yard as plant guard.
Since they are nocturnal, they will win.

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