killing vine-like weeds

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Hi! We have a terrible problem with green, vine-like weeds that root everywhere in the soil around our azalea and rhododendron plants and then grow up through the bushes, wrapping themselves tightly around every branch of the shrubs. It is so hard to keep going out and pulling them out, and I am afraid to use Roundup for fear it will kill the plants too (since the vine is wrapped so tighly around them) Any ideas?


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Hi Colleen,

There are several vines/weeds that do that. I have a LOT of bindweed, so I know what you mean.

Hopefully, someone has a better and easier answer, but once they wrap around the branches, there is NO easy way to "unwrap" them. I cut them off at ground level, and work my way up and cut them in several places so I can pull them off. I'm not sure that's necessary, as they WILL die and turn into a thin thread that can be pulled off or will fall off.

If you are very careful, you can apply Round Up to that portion at ground level, but do NOT get any of it on your shrubs.

The main thing is to attack them before they have a chance to flower and go to seed.

Good luck! Those have been a pain in my side for 17+ years! Argh! I'm not fond of using chemicals, but I just bought some Round Up and intend to try it the first time we have a calm day. Do not spray when it's windy, or it will drift.

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Cool Killing the weeds.

Good Morning from the Netherlands...
Yes, it's raining again.

I was reading your question about the weeds. I have found without the use of chemicals, Hot "Boiling" water effective.

I had the same problem only with buttercups, ended up tearing out my entire graden. But, I used the Boiling water on dandilions and several other weeds and they haven't been back it's been over 2 weeks. This works extremely well around paving stones and concrete where you can't get all the roots out.

Just a thought. I might work around the shrubs. But I would spot test it first.

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I believe the plants you're referring to are a member of the nightshade family. They are a smelly nuisance and are difficult to get rid of, but persistance pays off. Our yard was overrun by them, but I found a way to keep them in check. Cut the vines a few feet off the ground, get a good grip on the part sticking out and start lifting. The roots seem to go on forever, but if you use a spade to loosen the soil in the direction the roots are travelling, you can get rid of a lot of the plant. Any pieces of the root that are broken off or left on the ground will re-root themselves and the cycle starts over. Still, killing off the new shoots will be easier than trying to kill the mature plants. I live in Canada and we have a product that I've used called Killex. It's targeted toward killing broadleaf weeds so it won't kill your grass, unlike Round-up which kills everything. Unfortunately, it will kill flowers or shrubbery, just like Round-up, if it blows onto the leaves. You can try covering your shrubs with plastic while you're spraying then you won't have to worry about accidents. To remove the vines that are strangling your bushes, use your pruners to snip the vines at 6" to 12" intervals and removal will be fairly easy. Try to remove the plants before they flower and go to seed. Good Luck!
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Vines in shrubs

You can use Round Up or other nonselective herbicide. Brush the poison onto the offending plant, avoiding contact with your shrubs and other desirable plants.

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