Dying Vincas


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Need some serious help!!! Planted over 25 flats of vinca in two seperate beds about 2 months ago. One bed gets morning and late afternoon sun with mid-day shade. The orher gets morning and late afternoon shade with mid-day sun. We've had a slightly above normal rainfall amount in May and June. I have fed the flowers at least 3 times during this period with a sprayer and Miracle-Gro. Recently I noticed the vinca are wilting and browning and most importantly NOT flowering!!! What can I do to bring them back????>?
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Hi Jtrossi,

How do they look now???

I don't really know, but I'd suggest leaving them alone for awhile and see if they come out of it.

You should never fertilize when you first plant. Let the roots get established. You could use a seaweed fertilizer when first planting which helps with root growth. You shouldn't fertilize "sick" plants either.

The growing conditions are fine. I'll bet they come out of it. Just be patient, but let us know what's happening now.


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Still no signs of revival. I will leave them alone for a while to see if any progress. I was planning on adding some more mulch to help keep the soil moist and cool. Any problem with that?
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Hi Jtrossi,

Well, here's what I would do! It does sound like you have a serious problem if there isn't any change in this length of time. Dig a couple of the worst looking plants up and take them where you bought them. I hope you saved your receipt! See what they say, but suggest STRONGLY, but NICELY that you would like them replaced--unless they can pinpoint your problem. If they recommend something, ask them how long before you should see results.

Yes, it's always a good idea to mulch your plants, but I would get this problem fixed first. It's much easier to replant (if you have to) without scooting mulch around.

You should have a soil test done also, but that will take a few days.

Did you add any nutrients to the soil?

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Dying Vincas

Could be a moisture problem. Could be you did not get healthy plants. If you bought them at KMart or WalMart, and didn't purchase them the day they arrived, then you bought neglected plants. If you over fertilized, you may have burn out problems.

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