Where's Twelvepole?


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Just wondering???!!! Your advice is missed!

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Where's Twelvepole

Dearest Gami,

My life has overwhelmed me. I have not had time to pursue my hobby. I did not realize that I made such an impact. I am at my mountain cabin this weekend, so I am hitting my favorite homesites. This one is, of course, my priority. I gave up Martha Stewart a long time ago.

Sounds like one of those 10 Step Programs, but I did withdraw from marthastewart.com.

Gami, your gardening posts are better than what I use to get from the Extension Agents. You are always right on target. I learn so much from you, and I hope our DIY members do so as well.

See you on doityourself.com.


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Hi Patricia,

Thanks for the compliment. I feel the same way about your comments and a lot of others here. When you realize people are "regulars" somewhere, you wonder when they aren't around for awhile. Soooooo, welcome back, and I'm glad to know it wasn't anything real serious!

I fully understand not having enough time. There are days when I shouldn't even turn this thing on. It does become a habit, doesn't it??? My day doesn't seem complete if I can't catch up on all the posts. This is where I take my breaks and usually unwind at night.

I never got hooked on MS's site. I can understand when someone tells me that someone they know is on their computer 24/7. There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough! I've especially been trying to limit the time spent since yard work is in full force.

Have fun and a good rest at your cabin, and again, I'm glad to see you're back!

We're going to Dallas for a week the end of July. I don't know how I'm going to manage!


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Hi, Gami!

Have fun in Dallas. You will able to manage without us for a trip to Dalls. We will be here when you get back.

I, too, use the forum as relaxation. When I run out of steam, I sit down at the computer. I really enjoy reading the posts and responding. I learn so much. As I don't have time to garden, I guess I live vicariously through everyone else.

See you on the forum when you return.


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