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I am wanting to start an *organized* notebook for the first time. It will contain articles, photos of my plants and gardens, pieces of info that I gather here and there: whatever is related to gardening. Ideas will be appreciated, including related sites that could give me some guidelines and ideas. Thanks to all my gardening "net-friends"!
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Hi M,

You and me both! I print off info gathered from garden boards, websites, etc. I've overly filled a 3" binder.

I would recommend a loose leaf binder vs. a journal so that you can insert pages as you gather more info on each topic. You might want to get those index pages with colored tabs to separate your topics.

I know you're into rubberstamping, but are you into scrapbooking??? I plan on having a separate scrapbook just for photos of our yard/flowers! I'm going to use the real photos for the scrapbook, and print copies off on acid free paper for my binder--someday!

It's a good idea to keep track of when you planted seeds, what they are, when they germinated, and the date they bloomed. The same thing with plants bought at a nursery.

Perennials - keep track of the same thing. The way our weather has been lately, they're blooming at different times. At least you'll have some timeframe for a reference.

Pay attention to your first and last freeze and frost dates. What plants surived the frost/freeze?

Draw a diagram of your flowerbeds and what is planted where.

How did your bulbs do??? This can tell you when you should divide, etc.

Make little notes as to what needs to be divided in the spring or fall. What do you want to propagate? What needs pruning and when.

What did you plant that didn't get as tall as you thought that should be moved??? (Don't ask! )

Anything and everything you can think of, jot it down.

One of the best tips that I learned (I haven't always been a lady of lesiure--and us gals know there isn't such a thing!!!), was to write things down as you think of it. When I worked at Hallmark, headquartered in KC, Mr. Hall used to do that and always stuck 3x5 cards in the pocket of his suit. Throughout the buildings were 3x5 cards within easy access. So keep index cards or a little notebook in your purse, or within easy reach at all times. You'd be surprised when you get your best ideas (sometimes in the middle of the night), and if you don't write them down, poof, they are gone!

I'm glad you asked this! I hope you get many more replies!


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Gardening Notebook/Album

Thank you! I remember reading about your 3" notebook, so I picked one up at a yard sale just this weekend for that purpose. No, I haven't done scrapbooking, but would like to read up on how it compares to photo albums. I have some things saved for that purpose, but thought I'd incorporate both into one album. Maybe it would be better not to? How do you plan to display your photos other than on acid free paper? You mentioned putting originals in your scrapbook and copies on acid free paper for you binder. Why are you going to do it that way?
The hint in regard to the 3X5 cards is one that works, for sure. One of my daughters has diligently filled one out by the end of each day, as to what she wants to accomplish the following day and has been surprised as to how much more she gets done compared to no list or mental lists. She started by listing only five things per day. As time progressed, she found that she could accomplish more than she required of herself, depending on the types of things she had listed. Time to get to work!!!
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Hi M,

I like to have scrapbooks for separate things. I have a family album including all our grandkids, and a separate one just for my 12 yr. old granddaughter, Lauren. The other grandmother is working on one for Jordan (4), and my daughter is working on some for Blake and Joey. It takes a lot of time and one person can't keep up with it all.

You'll have to check out this forum for scrapbooking when you have time. I peek at it once in awhile, but I don't have time for much scrapbooking until winter.

I want my flowers "dressed up" just like we do for the kids--adding clipart, rubberstamps, etc. It's a great way to utilize ALL those rubberstamps that seem to keep multiplying.

Everything has to be acid free. Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc., carries the cardstock weight in 8 1/2 x 11 and 12 x 12.

Office Max, etc., has 8 1/2 x 11" acid free paper that is regular paper weight. I use that to print photos off on, mainly to reduce the bulk in my gardening notebook. That's just for me, so I don't need the real photos in there. You probably wouldn't need the acid free paper for that. I do it just as a precaution. You definitely want to use acid free paper if you will be adding real photos to your notebook. You won't notice a difference right away, but over the years, the photos and pages will start to turn orange around the edges. You've probably seen old photo albums that do that. You will need acid free paper for the page before where you have photos also.

If I've confused you, let me know! I sometimes do that!

BTW, I think I figured out a way that we can add some of our photos here without having our own website. I'm still working on it.


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