Mushrooms in playground mulch


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I've got mushrooms growing in the playground mulch around my
kids' swing set. What's the best way to kill/eliminate them without killing/eliminating the kids?
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Unfortunately, organic mulches are a great medium for all types of mushrooms and fungi, especially during rainy periods. You could remove them by hand or go over the area lightly with a leaf rake to break them up. I just ignore most of my crop.
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Mushrooms in mulch

Mushrooms are quite common after a spell of heavy rain. The spores are in the mulch and they produce mushrooms. You can simply pull them or rake them or ignore them. As soon as drier conditions occur, they will disappear.
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Mushrooms in the mulch

As an Organic Grower I am allowed to use certain treatments. All fungicides that are chemical petrol based are off limits. For years I have had very good luck with black Walnut leaves made into a very strong tea and sprayed on the area you want to kill out the fungus. Jugalone and Caprilic Acid are the alkaloids that kill fungus and will have a minium impact on other living organisms including Children. Spray every two weeks and after you spray take the garden hose and wet down the area to soak the mixture into the mulch. Marturo

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