horrible hillside. What to do???


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I have a horrible hillside. I live in Washington State, zone 7 or 9-not sure. It is also in full sun (depending on our wonderful ever changing weather). It is semi to farely steep. It is full of rock, clay, and sand and is weed riden (lots of thistle). I have shrubs spaced around the bottom surrounding my lawn. I am afraid it will wash out and come down this coming winter. I would like do something maybe like terracing and putting in some low to medium ground cover. My problems are I don't want to disturb the plants already there and I don't have a lot of money to work with. My hill is also very long but I am mainly worried about the area around my yard. I am not sure just how long it is. Any suggestions?? Please help!!

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Hi Cathylarie,

A little more information would be helpful. What zone/state are you in? Is it sunny or shady?

In Missouri what the Highway Dept. does to control erosion on steep hillsides is to plant crown vetch which has pink flowers.

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Hi Cathylarie,

I believe I was wrong about using crown vetch on your hillside. I reread your post, and it would be too invasive, since you have other plants/shrubs there. Sorry about that!
Check out this site for some other ground covers -


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Call your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent for a list of recommended ground covers in your area. Also, explain your situation and ask for recommendations. Your local Extension Agent is a wonderful source of free information re: all your gardening needs.

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