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What is the best way to care for a ficus tree? What do
they like as far as environment and watering and fertilizer?
I recently repotted mine and have it outside in alot of
sun. It isn't doing so well. It has some yellow leaves
and is dropping some also.
Thanks for the help!
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Hi Green,

Here's a good site on ficus (weeping fig) -

Ficus trees are very sensitive to light conditions. You have moved it from one light source to another, and it's basically in shock. They will do that, but will regain their leaves. Don't put it in full sun. It's compared to us being inside all winter and then spend all day swimming. We get sunburned. Ficus will drop their leaves even if you just move them around in the house with different light conditions.

They are very susceptible to red spider mites. If you see them, attack them right away. You can buy a spray or regularly hose them off.

Be sure and read the link. Lots of good info in there. Even though Clemson University is in SC, it's one of the best sites for giving great detail about plants.


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