When are melons ripe?


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I've planted melons this year for the first time, and they're meloning!

Does anyone know how to tell when they are ripe? They are a small variety, picture on the package looks like it's about 5" across. Some are getting to be about the right size, and it's so tempting, but I don't want to pick them too early.

It's funny - I can tell at the farmer's market (I sniff the stem scar), but I have no idea when it's on the plant! These don't have the typical cantaloupy skin; they're smooth, very pale green with darker green stripes, but I think they're supposed to have orange flesh.
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Cool Ripe Melons - Yum!

Hi Leu,

If you don't mind, I'll let you read about it. We've got company coming, and I shouldn't be on here at all.

This is a good article and says it better than I ever could. We had some fabulous melon from the market the other day, I know what you mean.


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Thanks for the link! It did tell me what to look for. Mine aren't ready yet. I can hardly wait!
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Watermelons are difficult to judge ripeness. However,if you've got a cantalope, you'll know the day they are ripe when you walk in the garden. If you are a bit anxious, just pick a couple up slightly. If they fall off the vine, you are in business.
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They say patience is a virtue... It'll be so worth it!

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