Transplanting a flowering bush


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I've been busy removing a 15 foot row of 20 year old juniper bushes. But, in between them is this flowering bush which I like. But, since I've moved everything around it I don't like its location. The problem I'm not sure what type of bush it is. It has just a plain white flower, green clover like leaves and a woody stock.

But, I general can a flowering bush be successfully transplanted?

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It can be transplanted, but the problem is it might not bloom again until next year. Depending on the plant it will go into shock (kind of a hibernation) and wont bloom. I say wait till it's done blooming and then transplant it.
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Hi Denver,

Nosoup is right. If you can, it's best to wait until fall when the temps are cooler. Leave as much soil as you can on the roots. If you don't get ALL the roots, prune some of the top growth to compensate for less roots to help feed the shrub. Water it well 2-3 days before you move it. Add compost to the new planting hole and fertilize after planting with seaweed fertilizer (a root stimulator). Don't use any other fertilizer at this time.

The ideal time to move any shrub is while it is dormant--early spring or in the fall after the leaves drop.

I successfully moved 2 spirea in August, but I had to water them 3 times a day to keep them alive.

Sorry, I don't know what your shrub is.


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