Wild Violets taking Over my Garden

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My garden is being invaded by wild violets. I have tried pulling them out. I eventually put landscaping fabric over the area and mulched over it. Those darn violets just popped up right through the landscaping fabric and are spreading like crazy. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them forever???? Can you recommend a good weed killer. I am concerned and do not want to kill the flowers and other shrubs nearby the violets.

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Hi Keevycat,

I can relate to your problem. I never had them until I got leaves from several people, shred them and used them as mulch. I also gathered their "weed" seeds.

You can spray them with Roundup, but don't do it on a windy day as it can get carried with the wind and kill other plants nearby.

They ARE hard to pull out, but that's also the organic way of getting rid of them. Right after a nice rain, start pulling and keep at it.

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Wild violets in lawn

Wild violets in turf seem to be difficult to control. Mid-Sept-Oct is the best time to apply a herbicide with an additional application in May. Don't expect 100% control, but a herbicide should keep them at bay. Violets spready by underground stems, so pulling them is ineffective. Triclopyr, reportedly the most effect compound, is usually not available to home gardeners. Multiple applications by a professional may be needed. I think Gami's suggestion for using Round Up to wipe them out is probably the best option. Round Up is a nonselective herbicide that will kill most plants. You may want to brush it on individual violets, if possible, to prevent getting it on turf and nearby plants.

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