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Hi All,

I've said before, I'm fortunate not have a lot of insect problems, so I never knew what a Japanese beetle looked like, but I've heard lots of complaints about them for years. I understand they are out in full force this time of year.

Just in case you need to know -


Dust with Sevin.

Does anybody have them and what do you do about them?

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Hi Gami,
Yep, our lawn grubs have emerged! They seemed to be more of a problem in OH, as compard to VA. I get a few on rhubarb and a couple other plants, but they do little damage. Back in OH they were really tough on rose bushes and fruit trees, hence your mentioned OSU site. We simply put out beetle traps, they seemed to work the best without any spraying. I noticed a few on my new plum tree the other day and just shook them off.
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revenge of the Japanese Beetle

When you see what they do to half an acre of Red Raspberries it makes you sick. In America they have no natural enemy, and they adapt very fast to pesticides Organic and petrochemical. What works best for us is 5 deluxe bag a bug traps with screw on jar and the new combo bait that lasts all season. Allways hang the traps away from the plants you are trying to protect. You are trying to draw them away from your plants and catch them in one fell swoop. I empty a half a quart each evening and rince out the trap each day with fresh water. If you don't keep the jar clean the jar will stink with dead beatles and you won't catch many. I also have had good luck with Hot Pepper Wax on Roses at 4 table spoons per gallon. If you live in the country at least a mile from the next lawn (Don't you wish) you can spray Milky Spore spray and kill out the larve for years. If your next door neighbor doesn't spray you get his beetles and waste your money on spray. Of all the beetles we have this one does more damage than all the rest. Good Luck Marturo

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